The Congregational Learning Group seeks to connect, resource and inspire local congregations for discipleship and learning.

Our key principles for this area of work include:

  • Growing in Christ
  • Strengthening unity with one another
  • Increased understanding of church
  • Developing skills for church life
  • Enabling the church for acts of service

To take the work forward the Council has established the Learn initiative which produces learning and discipleship materials through three core activities:

Publications: The new Learn publication will provide an ongoing series of fresh resources for congregations to use locally. The publications will be designed for bothsingle-user and group work.

Events: An annual diet of events will be delivered to inspire and invigorate through a selection of keynote addresses, worship, discussions and debate with theopportunity to cement our learning in seminars and workshops.  Areas of work include:

  • Children and Young People events
  • Caring Churches, e.g. Pastoral care
  • Office Bearers
  • Eldership
  • National Youth Assembly
  • Children and Youth Ministry
  • Youth Representatives at the General Assembly
  • Learning Disability
  • Advancing Leadership
  • Rural Church Development

Online: Our publications and events will have seamless identity with our online content.  In time we hope to develop a platform that will allow congregations to makelinks and connections with another to strengthen the ongoing work of learning and discipleship.

To ensure balance within the provision of learning and discipleship resources, we have developed Learning Streams that help guide the planning of themes and topicscovered in our materials. They help shape our conferences and events to provide a range of seminars and activities that are relevant for our Church life together. They are summarised as follows :

=>   Christian Life: such as discipleship, worship, prayer, ecumenism, leadership

=>   Missional Life: such as Future Focus, caring for creation, welcoming churches, caring churches

=>   Church Life: such as Eldership, Session Clerks, ministries of the Church of Scotland

=>   Skills and Talents: such as pastoral care, leading a meeting, understanding gifts and talents.

The Congregational Learning Team

Ron Clarke

Ron Clarke
Congregational Learning Team Leader

T: 0131 225 5722 ext 2333

Suzi Farrant

Suzi Farrant

Young People and Young Adults Development Worker

T: 0131 225 5722 ext 2383

Hannah Sanderson

Hannah Sanderson

Congregational Learning Development Worker

T: 0131 225 5722 ext 2316