Go For It Fund

Go For It is about funding change in church and community. The Fund aims to encourage creative ways of working which develop the life and mission of the local church and are transformative for both communities and congregations. The focus is very much on ‘the local’ and any application must be able to demonstrate clearly its association with at least one Church of Scotland congregation. Part of a successful application to Go For It will be the demonstration of a commitment to good partnership working.

There are five criteria for funding and successful applicants will meet at least two of these:

• meeting identified needs in the community
• nurturing Christian faith within and beyond the church
• tackling poverty and/or social injustice
• developing new ecclesial/Christian communities
• creating work which is genuinely innovative and shares good practice with others

There are six types of Grants: • Research - to help you find out more about some aspect of your project
• Pilot - to enable you to test out the viability of an idea
• Step - for situations where year by year funding would be most appropriate
• Main and Continuation - for core funding of projects
• Training - to develop the skills and knowledge of people within projects
• Help - when unforeseen circumstances create a significant opportunity or crisis

Further information and application forms are available online.

You can also contact the Go For It Team, within the Church of Scotland’s Ministries Council: Tel: 0131 225 5722 or E-mail: goforit@churchofscotland.org.uk