When it comes to sharing faith, lots of Christians’ first thought is of a bold preacher, confidently

proclaiming carefully crafted words that have taken a lifetime of learning

to prepare. It doesn’t always have to be like that.

Sharing Faith is a new four-week course designed for groups in churches to explore how we

can each convey, to those closest to us, the difference that following Jesus makes in our lives.

Throughout the four sessions - with a combination of Bible study, group discussions, activities,

and prayer - we’ll explore practical things we can do to help share our faith better:


1. By seeking to understand and unconditionally love them first

2. By looking at how sharing faith can be a natural overflow of our own

discipleship in Jesus

3. By preparing ourselves to explain the difference our faith in God has

made in our lives; and

4. By making sharing faith a natural habit – not something for special occasions.

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