Jesus Walks Beside us in Scotland

Stephen Fischbacher and Suzanne Butler from Fischy Music have written another of our specially commissioned songs for People of the Way.

Sacred Flame

David Lyon and Russell Trueman from Satellite have written the first of our specially commissioned songs for People of the Way.

Bethel Album Review

Phill Mellstrom reviews ‘We Will Not Be Shaken’ from Bethel Music.

Bethel album coverThe Story Behind "We Will Not Be Shaken"

A Gift for Leading Worship

This article was previously published in Different Voices magazine.

Suzanne Butler explores the skills necessary to become an effective worship leader.

Matt Hill Album Review

Willie Hamilton reviews Matt Hill’s first solo album ‘Masterpiece’.

What is New Scottish Hymns?

Greg de Blieck and Ellyn Oliver give an overview of the New Scottish Hymns project.

Are you leading the music in an ordinary parish church?

You might be interested to hear about the ministry of New Scottish Hymns...

What if Churches Focused on Monday?


Paul Robertson tells us more about the thought behind the song ‘On Monday’ that features on the album ‘Church Come Alive’.

Cageless Birds Album Review

Willie Hamilton reviews Cageless Birds’ latest album ‘Live at Home’.

Artist: Cageless Birds
Album: Live at Home
Genre: Americana worship

Songs and hymns - the best are yet to come!

Worship leader and singer-songwriter Noel Richards reflects on how changes in church and in society impact on the songs that we sing.

What is a Worship Pastor?

In the next part of our occasional series about the jobs different church musicians do across Scotland we hear from Thomas Dean, worship pastor at the Edinburgh church Central.