Bring it all to me

Fischy Music has been working with children for many years and our resources are used in thousands of schools, homes, cars and churches across the UK and beyond. We emphasise the uniqueness, creativity and worth of every child. Humour, hope, creativity and child centredness are all very much part of the Fischy approach and our songs have been widely tried and tested in many settings to great effect.

We try to start from where children are at in their emotional, social and spiritual lives and use songs and music to support children and adults in these crucial areas of their lives. Some of Fischy Music’s songs are specifically targeted at the health and wellbeing curriculum in primary schools where some of our other songs are aimed at all age worship settings and RE. Songs such as “Build Up”, “You are a Star” “Bad times won’t last” and “Stronger” are firm fixtures in many schools across the country.

Bring it all to me album coverThe latest Fischy Music resource, Bring it all to me, is based on emotions expressed in the Psalms and is a collection of songs, videos, teaching materials, music score etc. which help children and adults alike to express and reflect on their emotions, both “comfortable” and “uncomfortable” within a faith context. Bring it all to me is not an attempt to put the Psalms to music but more of a focus on the actual emotions such as enjoyment, anger, despair and feeling safe being expressed to God, to other people and themselves.

A particular feature of this new resource is “Image Movies” which include text, images, photos, and symbols prompting enhanced engagement with the lyrics and emotions of each song. We have also included Powerpoint images of “Image Movies” so that you can use the images in your own way at your own pace and in your own setting.  You can find the Bring it all to me image movie at the end of this blog.

We have tried to write songs that are very simple to pick up, have accessibility for both children and adults and can be used by both musicians and non-musicians. Included in the DVD are videos of Fischy Music musicians both teaching and leading the songs. Sign language and actions are also key ingredients of Fischy Music and a British Sign Language consultant also appears on these videos, explaining the thinking behind the signs and how to use them effectively. We often find that the signs help boys in particular to engage with the songs. Many schools and churches use these videos to great effect to lead groups of children confidently in the singing, the signs and the actions.

For churches, schools and groups wishing to lead the songs “live” a full music score is also available. Check out the free sample music of the title song here.

If you are a minister, children’s worker, worship leader, a teacher or a “punter” this new resource will enable your church, Messy Church, children’s group or school to engage with songs, emotions, the Psalms and God in new ways. We have tried to make it as simple and user friendly as possible so even if you don’t feel at all confident with leading a song, we are sure you can manage to play a video or flick through a Powerpoint presentation!

Check out the songs on the Fischy website.

Fischy Music will be holding training events and launch concerts for their new album in Glasgow (6th September), Aberdeen (20th September) and Edinburgh (27th September). More information and tickets are available here.