Sunday's Child Appeal

EMMS International, an Edinburgh-based healthcare charity, is harnessing the power of music to help raise a magnificent amount of funding for palliative care projects in Malawi. From 28th November onwards, they have been introducing home-grown musical talent to the public as part of their Church Roadshow for the Sunday’s Child Appeal. They explain more:

We are making music a centrepiece of our roadshow because it is a unifying force, and a way of delivering a powerful message. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or race can appreciate and be moved by music, and it is gospel music in particular, that connection of heartfelt song with praise for God, that we will be showcasing at our Aberdeen and Edinburgh events. Eloho Efemuai, an Aberdeen-based gospel artist, told us how excited she is to partner with EMMS International as she believes in the compassionate nature of our work, and has said that “my desire has always been that my music will transform lives and make a great impact on the lives of people generally… I am proud to be part of this event and I pray we are able to raise some substantial amount to assist in easing the pain of Malawians and also in equipping and staffing their hospitals”.

Living and breathing music

Eloho EfemuaiEloho has a musical soul – her biography describes how, at an early age, she was walking, talking and singing. In those early days, she made new words into song. This early command of music and song never left her. She became an assistant singing prefect during her secondary school days in her native Nigeria, and she was also a chorister with various church choirs in both Nigeria and Scotland. Today, Eloho is not just a worship pastor; she is a Christian recording artist who sings her heart out for the Lord.

Entertaining and illuminating

The Church Roadshow has so far proven to be a success for EMMS International: many people have already supported our Ayrshire and Fife events, coming along to enjoy evenings of uplifting music, performed by Christian singers and musicians, and an inspirational talk given by our esteemed Malawian guest: Dr Cornelius Huwa. Cornelius has been discussing palliative care in the country and how it can be improved, spurring us all on to make a positive, long-lasting impact on end-of-life care. This is what our Roadshow is about: providing a night of musical entertainment and learning too, which will ultimately help to change the lives of those suffering from incurable illness. We have timed our Roadshow to coincide with the UK government’s pledge to match all donations pound-for-pound until 31st January 2015, meaning our impact will be doubled.

Get inspired

Come along and meet Eloho at Aberdeen Christian Fellowship on Saturday 6th December and at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in Edinburgh on Friday 12th December for a truly wonderful evening. The concert starts at 7.30pm, with doors opening at 7.00pm.
You can book your ticket now at Eventbrite, or contact EMMS International directly on 0131 313 3828 or by email – paper tickets are available for sale too, priced at £5 each. Further details about the roadshow can be found on the EMMS website.

If you have any musical events that are raising awareness for charity or being used for outreach, then get in touch with the Resourcing Worship team.