Future Focus

Future focus is essentially a spiritual process that a whole congregation engages in together. It is designed to be used by an external facilitator working alongside a congregation or grouping.

The handbook and PowerPoint slides are available to download by clicking here.

Developing the Vision - Picture yourself as a Future Focus Facilitator

Is facilitating Future Focus something you could picture yourself doing?

This leaflet covers 'What is Future Focus?', 'Who might benefit from using Future Focus?', 'How does Future Focus work?', 'What is a facilitator?' and 'Who can be a facilitator?'

Future Focus Video FAQ

If you're wondering if Future Focus is right for your congregation, these short videos will give you a snapshot of what Future Focus is, how it might benefit your church, what actually happens during Future Focus, and how you might prepare.

Future Focus: The Way Ahead

Future Focus: The Way Ahead is a new resource that will allow congregations to explore Future Focus without the assistance of an external facilitator. The handbook contains all that is needed for a small group from within the congregation to engage in a series of exercises that explore the life of the church and community, and is designed to build confidence and identify easily achievable goals.