Preachers Perspectives

preachers perspectives

We asked twelve preachers to share the insights they have gathered through their experiences of writing and delivering sermons regularly.  Each writer has shared the joys and struggles of preaching and their work has been gathered here in the hope that their labours can support and assist you in your own.  

Rev Alastair Cherry

Alistair Cherry"Jesus was the supreme craftsman at engaging with an audience. St Mark tells us (4.34) that he taught his audience plainly. So the message was shaped by the audience." Rev Alastair Cherry

Rev David Scott

David Scott"It allows the Bible to set the agenda for preaching. It forces me to consider, wrestle with and then preach on passages and subjects that I would probably avoid, if the choice were simply left to me." Rev David Scott

Rev Dr Derek Browning

Derek Browning"Preaching may have its head in the high places and look towards new and far horizons, but it needs its feet firmly planted on the ground." Rev Dr Derek Browning

Rev Dr Marjory A McLean

Marjory Maclean"All the preachers need to do ... is offer what the slick, smooth world of entertainment will never provide: the practice of the presence of God, a glimpse of the divine, an experience of the holy." Rev Dr Marjory A McLean

Rev Karen K Campbell

Karen Campbell“God’s already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbour, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don’t take yourself too seriously – take God seriously.” Rev Karen K Campbell

Rev Kathy Galloway

Kathy Galloway"Christian worship... It can accurately be described as a drama because it is a re-enactment, a re- presentation of the Christian story." Rev Kathy Galloway, Head of Christian Aid

Rev Lynn M McChlery

Lynn McChlery“In preparation for preaching I sometimes prayerfully imagine Jesus ascending the pulpit to preach this sermon, or my congregation receiving the letter from Paul.” Rev Lynn McChlery

Rev Nigel Robb

"Ignoring the rough edges and the challenges which the lives of congregation members encounter will lead to ineffective preaching." Rev Nigel Robb

Rev Ruth Harvey

Ruth Harvey

"... what would it be like if the preacher paused, and invited the congregation to share their own wisdom or thoughts on the word preached so far? How would it be if the preacher paused and asked: ‘does this make sense?" Rev Ruth Harvey

Rev Scott McKenna

Scott McKenna"Every sermon should, in some way, alight on the Mystery of God and deepen the relationship of God’s people with the Holy." Rev Scott McKenna

Very Rev David Lunan

David Lunan"We are displaying the good news – that everyone matters to God." Very Rev David Lunan

Very Rev John Christie

John Christie"Drawing children into the fellowship of faith is made a little easier if children and young people are valued for who they are and are encouraged from an early age to feel at home with in the context of congregational life." Very Rev John Christie